Dining Out

I live in Reno, Nevada. I’ve been here all my life. Technically I was born in Vegas, but my parents moved us here when I was four days old. My family goes back several generations as well. My great grandfather struck gold in a tiny little nothing of a place named Weepah, Nevada. A gold rush ensued and my grandfather and his twin brother were actually born at the mine.


I’m definitely a Nevadan through and through. We have a lot of wonderful things here: incredible high desert sunsets, a short drive to the awe inspiring beauty of Lake Tahoe, an equally short drive to the mysterious Pyramid Lake, Burning Man, and the Great Reno Balloon Races, to name just a few.

Great Reno Balloon Race wide

The one thing we’ve never really had is great vegan (or even vegetarian) dining options. That seems like it might be changing though. We’ve had several new restaurants open in the last year with a ton of veggie options. It’s so flippin’ exciting I can’t stand it! I plan to use this page to keep track as I eat my way through Nevada vegan style!