Totspot Breakfast: Cheerios, Pear & Vegan Sausage Patty

Cheerios, Pear & Veggie Sausage Patty

Today’s the first day of school for Gabe and Grig! Gabe’s starting 7th grade (eek!) and Grig’s a 4th grader. They were both too cool to pose for ‘first day’ pictures today, so I guess I’ll just have to share an oldie!

first day of school 2008

First Day of School 2008 (Grig’s 1st day of Preschool & Gabe’s 1st Day of 1st Grade) So many Firsts!!

Can you believe how tiny they were?? Gabe’s taller than me now. He’s officially 5’7″ and wears size 11 shoes. And he’s only 11. Lord help me when he’s 14 and 7′ tall. Grig’s not far behind. I think he already has more muscle mass than I do.

7th grade starts at 7:45. 7:45! That means slowpoke Gabe has to wake up by 6:15, which doesn’t yet qualify as day in his world. Breakfast had to be super simple this morning. Both boys opted for cereal so Torin got in on the action with some Cheerios. I sliced a couple pears and warmed up some Yves Breakfast Patties. First day of school breakfast complete!

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